Misty and Matt Motzko

My parents built a house with Samson Construction about 20 years ago, so when we found out we were moving to Fargo, they were our first call. We were lucky – they’re still building houses and they could fit us into their ever-busy schedule.

This was the second house we built; our first was our home in the Twin Cities. Though we worked with a solid builder in the area, both the building process and quality of our finished home were a night and day difference when we worked with Samson Construction. Rick and Chad were so nice to work with. They are real, custom homebuilders who take a great amount of pride in the quality of their work. They aren’t interested in making a few extra dollars by cutting corners.

There are so many little things they do that no other Fargo-Moorhead homebuilder does. Whether it’s the poured concrete window wells, putting the air conditioner on a concrete slab, or taking the time the cut an exterior trim piece at a 105-degree angle instead of 90 degrees, they always go the extra mile.

Samson builds the best quality homes in the area, and anyone who really knows Fargo-Moorhead real estate would agree. In addition to building the best homes, Rick and Chad are two of the nicest people we have met since moving to Fargo. As excited as we were to move into our new home, we were a little sad we wouldn’t be talking to Rick and Chad every day!

Needless to say, we would highly recommend Samson Construction to anyone looking at building a home.